Vaccinations for Students

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Visit for information about walk-up, no appointment needed vaccination sites across the District for residents.

COVID-19 School Vaccination Clinics

The science is clear: vaccines are the single most effective tool we have to stop the spread of the coronavirus, and we are strongly encouraging all of our teachers, staff, students, families, and community members to get vaccinated. 

Starting on June 1, DCPS will offer the COVID-19 vaccine to any DC resident ages 12 and older at four school locations: Anacostia High School, Eastern High School, Luke C. Moore High School, and Ida B. Wells Middle School.

No appointment is necessary, but a parent or guardian must be present and sign a consent form for students who are 12 to 17 years old. 

Hundreds of thousands of people have already been vaccinated in DC, and the data shows vaccinations are working. As more and more people get vaccinated, new COVID-19 cases continue to drop. We owe it to our community members, including our students, teachers, and school staff, to protect each other by getting vaccinated.

We are also keeping a close eye on the FDA approvals process, waiting to see if a COVID-19 vaccine will be available for younger students in the next few months. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the clinical partner?

Safeway Pharmacies is the clinical partner and will providing any and all medical supplies and medical services.

Q. What vaccine is being offered?

Pfizer is the only vaccine that will be offered at the school clinics. This vaccine requires 2 shots, 3 weeks (21 days) apart.

Q. Do I need an appointment to get a vaccine at a DCPS facility?

No, you do not need an appointment for your first vaccine, as the DCPS vaccine clinics all offer walk-up vaccinations. After your first vaccine, you will be given a date for your second vaccine and will be asked to come back to the clinic on that date. You are encouraged to return to the same site of your first dose for the second dose but can go to any site to receive the second dose as needed.

Q. What is the age limit in order to receive the Pfizer vaccine?

Anyone 12 years and older can receive the Pfizer vaccine. For anyone 12 to 17 years of age, they will need a parent or guardian to sign a consent form and acknowledge their relationship with the adolescent. There will also be a Spanish copy of this consent form used by Safeway at these locations.

Q. Do I have to wear a mask and maintain social distance at the vaccination clinic?

Yes, masks and social distancing are required at all vaccination sites. The vaccine does not take effect until about 2 weeks after a patient receives the second shot, so mitigation techniques are still necessary.

Q. Who should NOT get the vaccine?

Anyone who is currently ill with COVID-19 and/or anyone with a previous severe or immediate allergic reaction to the first COVID-19 mRNA vaccine dose, any of the vaccine ingredients, or polysorbate. You can find a list of the vaccine ingredients at this site: (Pfizer).

COVID-19 vaccines should be given alone with at least 14 days either before or after you get any other vaccines, including a flu vaccine. This is because there is currently limited information on the safety and effectiveness of getting other vaccines at the same time as a COVID-19 vaccine.

Q. What do we do if there is a patient with a bad reaction to the vaccine?

The lead clinician at the vaccine will need to be notified about this bad reaction and if necessary, the lead clinician will call 9-1-1 for EMTs to respond to the patient.

Q. Where can I go if I still have questions?

For vaccine opportunities, visit or call the COVID-19 Call Center at 1-855-363-0333. For deaf/hard-of-hearing individuals, dial 711 for TTY service. For any questions regarding the vaccine program, please email

Stay on Track with Childhood Immunizations

While the COVID-19 vaccine is currently not required to attend school next year, students are required to have their childhood immunizations up to date to participate in summer programming and to attend school in the fall. We encourage all families to schedule well-child visits with your medical provider or one of DC’s pediatric immunization locations and submit that documentation now as a part of your student’s enrollment packet.

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